Candida Infection Treatment : Natural Remedies To Improve Symptoms

Candida can be found naturally in our body, although at times you may find that you may have an overgrowth of this candida organism which can cause many health problems physically and mentally.There are many Candida Infection Treatment that you can go on and it is not so complicated as many may think.

You can find yeast in your mouth,intestines,throat and in your GI tract.When your body is low on friendly bacteria and you also have a low immune system it is usually the time when a candida infection can occur.Having a candida infection can be quite uncomfortable and symptoms can occur such as rashes,yeast infections,fatigue,digestion problems and depression.

When you go and see your family doctor for treatment they usually give you anti-fungal medication which usually clears up the infection but only temporarily and usually comes back over a period of time.Your diet plays an important role when you have a candida infection.

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Yeast Free Foods : How To Start A Yeast Free Diet

Consuming yeast free foods is needed when your body has an overgrowth of yeast and it can also help to reduce uncomfortable symptoms from this type of yeast infection. There are many reasons why your body may get an overgrowth of yeast such as taking birth control pills, a large dose of antibiotics, stress, poor diet and also some medications.

Yeast can be found in foods such as breads and also processed foods and snacks. To help maintain enough fiber in your diet, it is recommended that you eat plenty of vegetables to help you gain more energy and also give your body important vitamins and nutrients. It is also important not to over cook your vegetables, they should be eaten raw or steamed.

Sugar should also be eliminated from your diet while on a yeast free diet as they can make your symptoms worse and will not help reduce your yeast overgrowth in the body. If sugar is needed in your diet you should only use stevia or xylitol as they are natural sugars.

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Threelac – How It Works And How To Treat A Candida Overgrowth

Threelac is taken to help you maintain a good balance of Intestinal Flora by killing the Candida yeast, which will help your body in digestion and absorbing nutrients.We all have Candida in our body which is in a yeast like form, this is called “good bacteria” and when we have a healthy immune system our bodies stop this form of yeast from forming into a fungus.But when our body develops a low immune system through a bad diet and a lack of exercise, our PH level is changed and the “good bacteria” can change from a yeast to a fungus.

Threelac may help you fight against these conditions such as vaginal infections, indigestion, heartburn,thrush,itchy skin,rashes and even headaches.The ingredients in Threelac are Bacillus Coagulans, Bacillus Subtilis, Streptococcus Faecalis, lemon juice,refined yeast powder,fiber,fructo-oligosaccharides and also canola oil.

When taking Threelac some people find an improvement in their health within a few weeks, but most of us will need to go on this treatment for at least 2-5 months and if your symptoms are severe you may have to take Threelac for up to 9 months.Always listen to what your body is telling you and always consult your family doctor before going on this treatment.

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Pau D Arco Tea – A Powerful Healing Herb

A great way to heal and strengthen your body is by taking Pau D arco Tea which has been shown to give maximum results. Pau D’arco also known as taheebo is a purple colored bark which can be found mostly in the rain forests of South America. It is especially useful in treating health problems such as cancer, diabetes,candida albicans,allergies and many more. This powerful healing herb has been used since the early 1900’s by the people of Brazil and is still used widely in the world today.

There are many health benefits by taking this herb and one of them is that it can increase oxygen within the body to fight off against disease and infections. It will also strengthen your immune system, especially if an individual is suffering from life threatening diseases such as cancer and aids. Pau D’arco comes in many forms such as tea,extract,pills,powder and tablets.

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