Pau D Arco Tea – A Powerful Healing Herb

A great way to heal and strengthen your body is by taking Pau D arco Tea which has been shown to give maximum results. Pau D’arco also known as taheebo is a purple colored bark which can be found mostly in the rain forests of South America. It is especially useful in treating health problems such as cancer, diabetes,candida albicans,allergies and many more. This powerful healing herb has been used since the early 1900’s by the people of Brazil and is still used widely in the world today.

There are many health benefits by taking this herb and one of them is that it can increase oxygen within the body to fight off against disease and infections. It will also strengthen your immune system, especially if an individual is suffering from life threatening diseases such as cancer and aids. Pau D’arco comes in many forms such as tea,extract,pills,powder and tablets.

If you are looking for a all natural way to cleanse your body, drinking Pau D arco tea will also help cleanse the body and remove the harmful toxins from your system. It is also powerful in removing fungal and yeast properties from the body and can be used for treatment against Candida Albicans. A high strength Pau D’arco extract that I recommend you try is Maxx Herb, which is a quadruple strength and very powerful. You only use a small amount daily and it will treat any health issues you might have.

Pau D'Arco Herb TeaThere can also be side effects when taking the Pau D’arco Herb such as vomiting, headaches and nausea. This herb is also known as a blood thinning agent and is important that you know these facts before consuming this herb. As this herb is very potent, I am sure you will find maximum results from taking Pau D’arco and gain a healthier body with a stronger immune system.

There is a wide variety of cleansing teas that you can drink to help remove unwanted waste and toxins from the body. It is also one of the easiest ways to cleanse the body instead of taking a large amount of pills every day especially if you have trouble swallowing tablets or pills.

By drinking this tea regularly, you will be removing bacteria, yeast and fungus from the body. This herb can also boost your immune system and fight off infection in the body. To reduce the chances of getting sick especially in the winter months, it is recommended that you drink a cup of Pau D arco tea 2-3 times a week.

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  2. I love pau d arco I been suffering from yeast infections since I was a child and was getting worse as time pass but I found this great herb and since I’m taking it I feel with energy I sleep better and don’t feel sick like before.
    Thanks to all who take the time to share all the information they know.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website. Pau D’arco is an effective herb that can not only heal the body but also help with any yeast over growth in the body.

  3. Hi!
    I SOOOO agree with Pau D’ Arco being an AWESOME herb against yeast! I had an overgrowth of it on my SKIN of ALL places??? I take this herb in a capsule formula, twice the dosage recommendation until it took over and did it’s job and now, NO PROBLEM!!!! My skin cleared up, the spots went away, and my skin is starting to really look beautiful again! ALL doctors, even at a University had NO IDEA WHAT WAS WRONG, WHAT THE SPOTS WERE!!! I had an idea after extensive research, and PUA D’ ARCO, I LOVE YOU!!!!
    I am bookmarking your site! I SOOOO believe in the natural healing compounds of vitamins and HERBS especially! They work BETTER than prescription drugs, in my opinion! WITH NO GENERAL SIDE EFFECTS! Our Ancestors KNEW what they were doing all these years past! LOVE your site! Bookmarking it! Ever need some good reading, my blog addy is listed in the info, come on over!

  4. PS. I NEVER had ANY side effects as mentioned in the above article. What I take is the Supplement in pill form, and it also contains Black Walnut, Orgeano Oil, Biotin, and Caprylic Acid-which it states is a naturally occurring fatty acid derived from plant oils.
    At first, maybe I had ‘1’ side effect NOT mentioned here. I had an upset stomach for about 2 weeks.
    I will continue to take this supplement as Pau D’ Arco is AWESOME! The fact that it reaches all the way to the skin amazes me! Not even prescription medication could do that!
    Thanks again!

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