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A Heavy Metal Cleanse is needed as over time they can build up in our bodies and can be very toxic.Knowing what to eat and what foods to avoid is very important in keeping our bodies healthy.A heavy Metal detox can help remove them so your body can function better.

There are many heavy metals which we can absorb almost daily in our environments, most being lead and mercury. Other heavy metals include silver,cadmium,tin,chromium,bismuth and many more as the list is very long.A Heavy Metal cleanse will remove these metals safely.

Heavy metals in our body can come from different sources such as breathing polluted air,drinking dirty water,from dental filling and eating foods that are toxic.If you are concerned about heavy metals in your body a detox would be beneficial.

While on heavy metal cleanse chelating agents are taken to eliminate these heavy metals.While on this detox the heavy metals are removed from the liver and kidneys.These agents can be taken from the food we eat and from certain nutrients.

Below is a list of supplements which can aid you when on a heavy metal cleanse

Magnesium is great for your immune system, it helps it through the detox process.Magnesium can be absorbed by eating nuts,spinach,beans,brocoli.

Milk thistle
Milk thistle aids you liver during the detox process.It is also good for your red blood cells and membranes.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 prevents the absorbtion of heavy metals,especially when you have had any dental work such as fillings.

Chorella is a nutrient and can be found in green algae, it is a chelater and can aid in the detoxification.

Taking cilanto retores your body cells back to normal and can remove heavy metals from your body.

An effective product that you may want to try is Zeotrex, which removes heavy metals from the body. It is also the safest way as it only uses organic ingredients.

Heavy Metal Test Kit – All 4 Kits

Heavy Metal Test Kit - All 4 Kits

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Zeotrex™ is a scientifically formulated supplement that uses the power nano-colloidal zeolites and organic ingredients to safely aid the body in eliminating toxic chemicals and heavy metals. A clean, toxin-free body is the foundation for maintaining optimal health. (1 Ounce)

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