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Many people today suffer from candida and don’t know it.Candida effects 70-80% of the population.If you have taken high amounts of antibiotics, have a high sugar/carbohydrate diet your body you may be infected with candida.If this is the case a Candida Cleanse will help boost your immune system and starve the yeasts so your body can recover.

Candida can be undiagnosed as it can cause many symptoms such as skin problems including rashes,digestive problems and menstrual problems.It can also cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies and that is why people suffer from many symptoms.

When on a candida cleanse, your diet is very important and plays a big roll in getting better.Going on a low sugar diet and consuming a lot of vegetables such as onions,garlic,broccoli,cabbage and taking probiotics,vitamins and minerals will help minimize the yeast in your body.Also drink plenty of water which will help with flushing out toxins.

It is important to limit the foods that caused your candida .Candida if left untreated can be extremely hard to treat.Once you start a candida cleanse you may get some die off symptoms, this is caused when the yeast die and they release toxins into your body.Drink plenty of water, this will help you to start feeling better and also take a fiber supplement.

Some die off symptoms that you might experience are feeling tired,muscle aches,flu like symptoms,joint pain and headaches.Everyone is different so if you feel the symptoms are too uncomfortable, reduce your cleansing.Having these symptoms is a good sign that your candida cleanse is working.

A candida cleanse can take up to six months depending on how long you have had candida and how strict you are with your diet.Once you complete your candida cleanse your symptoms will gradually dissapear and you will have more energy, better skin and more healthy.

I have personally suffered from Candida for the past few years and find that threelac is the best probiotic on the market to treat candida.It is also important when on threelac to limit your intake of sugar no more than 10 teaspoons a day (30-40 grams).

If you are looking for recipes which are yeast,molds,refined sugars and dairy free to help you get rid of your candida overgrowth, a great e -book that you should check out is Yeast Free Cooking.

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  1. Thank you for posting this informative article about candida cleanse. I couldn’t agree more with your comment regarding the importance of diet including a low sugar diet. From what I have learned to understand sugar actually feeds candida. I have done several cleanses myself and when eliminating sugar it makes a huge successful difference.

    Thank you for the tip on threelac also. 😉


  2. Jeanne

    Thank you for your comment. I have been using threelac for about a year and gradually my symptoms are disappearing.Keeping sugar and carbs to a minimum really helps as well.

  3. Good information. The mineral that is often low where Candida becomes a problem is zinc which is needed for the immune system to function.
    I took Threelac for some time but got a much better result from Fivelac.

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