Natural Kidney Cleanse Home Remedy

A natural kidney cleanse home remedy is very important to help remove excessive toxins in your body which can effect your immune system.The kidneys are among the organs of purifiers. They are responsible for monitoring the blood, removing garbage, excess water, and electrolytes. Our bodies pump 20% of blood from the heart to the kidneys everyday. When this process is done the blood which is pumped from your heart to your kidneys remove the toxic waste and also regulates the blood. Your kidneys will then extract the water from your waste and electrolytes are taken from your blood which turn into urine which pass through your body and into the bladder. It stays there until is taken out of the body.

When fluid and different acids and minerals in your urine are off balance, kidney stones are likely to form. This usually happens when the urine does not have enough calcium and other acidic parts, and this is why a kidney detox is so important.

Many people all over the world suffer from renal failure,dialysis or even kidney transplants. The most popular way to prevent this is through a kidney detox.

Home Remedies For Cleaning Kidneys

Some people find drinking kidney detox teas and vitamins, while others like a juice fast such as a watermelon cleanse. Whatever you choose this process will help you tone and get your kidneys working in good order, which will give the body more energy.

A natural kidney detox cleanse is not hard to follow, watching what you eat and always drinking plenty of water.Below is a list of herbs and foods that you can take to help detox your kidneys.

Golden Rod

Golden Rod can be used as a kidney tonic,it is a yellow flower and can treat infections of the urinary tract and stones.It can also cleanse the bladder of toxins and inflammation.


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Also known as purple cone flower. Echinacea has chemicals that help your immune system and removes harmful toxins which can cause infection and kidney inflammation.

Kidney DetoxDandelion Leaf

Dandelion Leaf can help remove the build up of toxins in the kidneys, and has also been used to treat people with liver disease.Dandelion is high in minerals like potassium,zinc and iron, and high in vitamins A,B,C and D.


Apples contain a lot of antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system and has vitamins A,C and E, and cleanses your kidney of toxins, and is removed through your urine.A kidney detox will allow your kidneys to function properly and help filter out any harmful toxins which may overload your immune system.

By following a natural kidney cleanse home remedy you will be able to flush out toxins and waste from your body. You will have more energy and your overall health will greatly improve.



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