How To Prevent Heavy Metal Toxicity

What Can We Do To Prevent Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Heavy metal toxicity is a very common problem and many of us today are not aware that we consume heavy metals into our body everyday such as pollution,cigarette smoke,detergents,dental fillings and also certain foods that we eat. Having on overload of heavy metals can make us feel very unwell and fatigued and is important that we regularly go on a body cleanse and also make small changes in your lifestyle to prevent absorbing heavy metals into the body.

Toxic substances in the body can cause damage over time and it is important that you detox or cleanse the body regularly. As you may already know, there are many ways to cleanse the body such as through detox products and also doing natural detox diets.No matter what detox method that you choose, you will gain more energy and also better health.

You can start by going on a natural body detox, which means consuming fresh produce everyday and staying away from processed foods and junk food such as cakes,sweets and fizzy drinks. Gradually you will be removing these toxins from your body and feeling more energetic.

There are some things that we cannot prevent heavy metal toxicity in the body such as pollution and cigarette smoke, but we can prevent these substances when we are in our own home. For example:

  • Smokers In The Home – If you live with a smoker , ask them to smoke outside or away from the house , so you are not exposed to their cigarette smoke. This will lower the risk of getting too many metals in the body.
  • Filter The Water You Drink – At any health food store you can easily buy a water jug and filter. This will prevent you from drinking any impurities found in the water. Make sure you change the filter every 3 months.
  • Use A Ion Shower Head – Using this device will prevent any parasites, bacteria,chlorine and any metals in the water.Your hair and skin will also look and feel better when using a ion shower head regularly.

While on a heavy metal cleanse, it is important that you only eat fresh fruit and vegetables to help speed up the cleansing process. Look for fruit and vegetable markets that only sell organic produce, this will ensure that no chemicals or pesticides are entering your body.

By following these tips everyday you and your family will gain better health and prevent heavy metal toxicity in the body. Make sure you drink plenty of filtered water everyday to help flush out toxins from the body, together with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.



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