What Are The Best Foods To Cleanse Your Liver?

Eating the best foods to cleanse your liver is very important when you want to detox your liver of toxins and other harmful substances. Sometimes your body needs extra help in flushing out those harmful toxins in your body. By following a liver cleansing diet you are helping your liver to function more better and by eating the right foods will also clean the liver of all toxic materials.

Adding cleansing foods to your diet can flush out the toxins from your body as fast as possible. Ideally you will first go on a liquid diet or if you prefer go on a diet where you eat light meals. You usually move on to a high fiber diet which contains plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit which is usually eaten raw.

What Are The Most Important Foods That Can Cleanse Your Liver?

Healthy Detox

Below I will talk about the right and wrong foods that should be eaten if  you want to cleanse your liver effectively. It is important to only eat these foods while on this type of detox as it may not work effectively and the detoxification progress may not work.

The RIGHT foods.

Always eat fresh preferably raw fruits and vegetables while on a cleansing diet. Remember not to eat anything processed such as canned food and also foods that are frozen. Also by consuming healthy oils will also help your liver while on this cleansing process. A good oil that you can take is fish oil. Many foods also contain good oils such as nuts and avocados.

Raw fruits and vegetables are great to use when making healthy smoothies as they contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals. If you want to get more energy during the day , I recommend you make a vegetable and fruit smoothie in the morning.

The WRONG foods.

Try avoiding foods high in fat,sugar and salt as these foods will not help you while on a detoxification diet. It is also important to avoid highly processed meats such as sausages and cold meats. Always try to remember to keep this diet natural and only eat fresh foods as they can cleanse the body more effectively. Purchasing products that are organic are free from antibiotics and preservatives. Once you have done this, your body will have the right amount of nutrients to function it’s best.

A product that is effective in cleansing the liver is Liver Active. It uses all natural, plant based ingredients to cleanse your liver and comes as a spray.You spray under your tongue up to 3 times a day and do not have to worry about taking too many pills.

Eating these types of foods to cleanse the liver at least 2 or 3 times per year will allow your body to be cleansed and also remove unwanted waste from your body. If you experience symptoms such as low energy, constant headaches or skin rashes on the body it is a good sign that your body needs to go on a detox program.


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  1. i heard you lose a lot of weight, feel energized and revitalized and supposedly less stressed…my grandfather did it before he died and he looked really good…that sounded weird so let me rephrase that he did it several months before he died…..he said he felt wonderful…anyway i hope this helped

  2. Please do change, I am going through a similar change, POP is my weakness and fast food is so convenient when you are hungry and on the "GO"? but colon cleansing is healthy as long as you don’t over do it you will mess up your electrolyte balance in your body, moderation is the key try it once but I got some good pills they’re $40 a bottle but work really good but don’t take everyday you will be surprised how fast your body becomes dependent on them (Renu) i got them where I got my colon cleansed at but there part of a program called slimming up but i didn’t like the program just the pills the other stuff had me hungry and nauseous! Hope this helps good luck on your venture to a better body!

  3. What i use is Nature Cleanse and it has done well for me. It good for colon cleansing and health. it also says it will help you loose some weight but i didnt loose any, i guess some peoples bodies just react differently.

  4. Man this is why i just love the internet…it gives us free valuable information..and when i see posts like this it really makes me happy and thankfull to the person who wrote and posted it …thanks so much

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, we should all consider cleansing or detoxing the body at least once a year for better health.

  6. I agree that we need to cleanse our livers from all of the toxins built up in our bodies. I have been using lemon a lot lately in my water to help cleanse my liver. Great information on liver cleansing thanks!

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