Detox Herbs : How They Can Cleanse The Body

When deciding to go on a detox, it may be hard to decide which product is best for you. A great way to experiment with detox methods is through herbs which you can buy at your local supermarket.

There are many Detox Herbs that benefit the body in a certain way and will help you detox your body and remove harmful toxins from your body.Below I will list herbs that may benefit you in your detox.

Psyllium seeds or husks – Are great for adding fiber to your diet. They are also a bulking and laxative agent which will push toxins out of your body much faster when on a detox. Make sure to drink plenty of water when taking psyllium seeds or husks.

Licorice Root – Often used in chinese medicine, licorice is a mild laxative and will help in  the cleansing of your body.

Horsetail – Has anti – fungal properties and also a diuretic. It also has high amounts of trace minerals which will help your bones and cartilage.

Cascara Sagrada Bark – Is also a mild laxative and stimulates the liver, stomach and bladder while on a detox.

Pumpkin Seeds – Are important to take when on a detox as they get rid of parasites found in the body which can really make you feel unwell if not treated.

Passionflower Root – Which can have a calming effect on your nervous system. It can also help with stress and Irritable bowel syndrome.

Violet Leaf – They are a laxative and also anti fungal. It is also high in vitamin c which is important for the body.

Milk Thistle – Are usually used when on a detox as they are a natural antioxidant. They will help remove harmful contaminants such as toxins, alcohol, drugs and also chemicals.

By using these herbs that I have listed above you will see positive results on your detox. Just remember when on any detox take plenty of water to flush out the toxins and also eat a sensible diet such as fresh vegetables and fruit to help with this process.Most detox herbs can be found in health food shops and are not too hard to find. You may need to ask your health food supplier about what detox herbs are available in your area.

As you may know, there are many ways where you can cleanse and detox the body. By using natural methods such as using detox herbs, it will be much safer and gentle on your body. A detox is recommended 2 or 3 times per year to remove an overload of toxic substances in the body.

A great book which gives an insight of how your body reacts while on a detox, why a detox is so important and also how to eliminate harmful toxins which can lead to diseases is Health begins in the colon. It is a great source of information that may benefit you while on a detox.

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  1. There are lots of herbs which are still to be known. Its better using natural herbs rather than going for chemical pills and tonics. Where can I get these herbs? Is there is any online shop?

  2. Hi John thanks for your comment.
    There are many stores that you can find these detox herbs.
    Health food stores usually stock these type of detox herbs or you can just google it and find a online store near you.


  3. Hello,

    Do you know where to find different chinese medecine as Snake wine ? I already own this one:

    But looking for different types of natural medecine.
    Thanks for help.

    (by the way I found your website on Google when looking for Snake wine bottles)

  4. Hi Kay thanks for your comment.
    Just visited your site and found it very interesting.

    I am not sure where you can get chinese medicine maybe going to a chinese herbalist in your area you will find herbs that you may be looking for.


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